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viernes, 8 de septiembre de 2006

MSN Names By Alphabat S

Sarcasm Keeps You From Telling Pelple What You Really Think of Them!

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy!

Save a Mouse, Eat a Pussy

Save a Surfboard, Ride a Surfer…

Save an animal, Eat a Vegetarian!

Save Santa a Trip…Be Naughty With Me!

Save the Skateboard, Ride the Skater

Scientists Say 1 Out of Every 4 People is Crazy, Check 3 Friends, If They Are OK, You're it

Screw Milk…I'll Do You Body Good!

See That Man, He's Mine, Try to Touch Him and I'll Kick Your Behind!

Sex Is a Killer, Wanna Die Happy?

Sex Is Good, Sex Is Fine, Doggy Style or 69, Just for Fun or Getting Paid Everyone Loves Getting Laid!

Sex is Just Like Pringles, Once You Stop, The Fun Doesn't Stop

Sex Is Kinky and A lot of Fun, Even If we are a little Too Young

Sex Is Like Snow..You Don't Know How Many Inches You'll Get or How Long It'll Stay!

Sexy Boy You So Fly, I Wish I Could Give You A Try But My Man's At Home Waiting For Me By The Phone, Sorry Can't Get My Groove On!

Sexy, Sweet And Hard To Get, Pretty Cool We Rule This School, Knock 'Em Dead With Your Looks, Were Popular And Got Them Hooked!

Shaking My Bootie, Moving My Hips, Making You Drool And Lick Your Lips Bet No Other Girl Can Tease You Like This!

She Thinks She Has Style, She Thinks She Has Class…But What I Know IS That She Don't Have 1 Inch Of Ass!

Should I Love Who I Wanna Love Or Love Who My Friend Says To Love?

Should I Smile Cause you’re my Friend Or Cry Cause That’s All We'll Ever Be!

Silence Is Golden But Shouting Is Fun!

Since Nobody's Perfect, Im Nobody!

Smart Girls Are More Interested In Having Fun Than Looking Perfect!

Smile…In Confuses People!

Smile…It Scares People!

So Many Boys, So Little Time!

So With A Touch Of My Hair And Twist Of My Hips This Little Angel Is Gone With A Kiss!

Some Call Me Hot And Sweet, But I Call Myself Unique Aint No One Got My Technique!

Some Call Me Slut, Some Call Me Hoe But They Scream My Name Louder Than You All Know!

Some Girls Are Nice, Some Girls Are Bad…I Come In Both Flavours Im The Best You Ever Had!

Some Guys Are Like Gum, They Loose Their Flavor But Others Are Like Ice Cream You Save Them For Later!

Some Guys Call Me Milkshake Maker Cause I Make Them Nice And Creamy!

Some Guys Say "Suck On It" But I Say "Sorry I Choke On Small Objects"!

Some Kiss Behind The Garden Gate Cuz Luv Is Blind, But Neighbors Ain't

Some May Call It Extasy, Some May Call It Destiny, Some May Call It Meant To Be But I Just Call It You And Me!

Some Mistakes Are Too Much Fun To Only Make Once!

Some People Are Just Not Meant To Be In Your Life!

Some People Get Lost In Thoughts Because It's Such Unfamiliar Territories!

Someday You Will Be Sorry, Someday You're Free, Memories Will Remind You, That We Were Meant To Be!

Someone Called The Cops And Said "This Beautiful Girl Stole My Heart"

Sometimes A Dog Runs The Wrong Squirrel Up The Right Tree!

Sometimes I Dream Of Being Taking Off By A Giant Squirrel…Does That Make Me A Nut?

Sometimes I Think Im So Romantic I Could Marry Myself!

Sometimes I Wish I Was A Little Kid Again, Skinned Knees Are Easier To Fix Than Broken Heats!

Sometimes You Have To Honk Your Own Horn Cause If You Don't…No One Will!

Sometimes Your Mind Doesen't Want You To Be In Love…But Deep Down You Know You Are!

Sorry, Can You Repeat That…Im Having A Blond Moment!

Sorry, You Looked Cute From Far Away!

Spiteful Words Hurt Your Feelings But Silence Breaks Your Heart!

Stand Up For What You Feel Is Right Even If You Are Standing Alone!

Star Light, Star Bright, Where The Heck Is Mr. Right?

Stoners Live And Stoners Die, But In The End We All Get High So IF At First You Don't Suceed Fuck The Worls And Smoke Some Weed!

Stop Honking Your Horn, Stop Calling My Name I Aint Falling For Your Game!

Stop Looking At Me That Way, Your Scaring Me!

Strutin' Out Stuff, Shaking Out Booties, Me And My Girls Are Little Cuties!

Success Come Before Work…Only In The Dictionary!

Sugar Is Sweet But It Rots Your Teeth, The Ocean Is Calming Til It Sucks Your Beneath I Thought You Loved Me But You Too Hurt Me!

Surgeon General Warning, Flirting With Me May Lead To Extreme Infatuation And In Some Cases Unbelieveable Pleasure!

SWAK - Sealed With A Kiss!

Sweet As Candy, Hotter Than Fire, Im Describing The Boy That I Admire!

Sweet As Heaven, Hot As Hell, Born To Tease But Taught To Please!

Sweet By Light, Naughty By Night!

Sweet Yet Loud, Im A Cutie And Im Proud!

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