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viernes, 8 de septiembre de 2006

MSN Names By Alphabat Z

Yeah I Fell For You…You Tripped Me…But Guess What…I Got Back Up!

Yeah…You'd Be Pretty Good Looking If It Wasent For Your Face!

Yes…I Am Bored!

Yesteday Is History…Tomorrow Is A Mystery Today Is A gift…That’s Why We Call It A Present!

Yesterday I Ate Some Lucky Charms…Do I Look Magically Delicious To You?

You All Look At Me And Say Girl You've Beeen Blessed But You All Know Can't See The Inside Of My Unhapiness!

You Always Stop And Stare…Why Not Take A Picture!

You And I Are Not To Blame, Sometimes We Just Go Insane!

You Are Only Young Once…But You Can Stay Immature Indefinetely!

You Be Good And I'll Be Bad…I'll Give You The Best Time You Ever Had!

You Call Me Dumb…You Call Me Stupid…It's Not My Fault I Like You…It's Cupids!

You Came Into My Life Sent Down From Heaven Now I Think About You Y4/7!

You Can Close Your Eyes To Things You Don't Want To See But Unfortunetely You Can't Close Your Heart To Things You Don't Want To Feel!

You Can Complain Because Roses Have Thorns Or You Can Rejoice Because Thorns Have Roses!

You Can Defeat Your Fears If You Don't Put Up With The Tears!

You Can Do It Put You Back Into It, I Can Do It Put Your Ass Into It…Tick Tick Tick Booom!

You Can Fall From The Sky Or You Can Fall From A Tree But The Best Way To Fall Is In Love With Me!

You Can Look But Don’t Touch!

You Can Make More Friends In Two Months By Becoming Interested In People Than In Two Years By Truing To Get People Interested in You!

You Can Say When You Hold Be You Don't Want To Hold Me A Little Tighter!

You Can Say You Love Me But Until You Prove It Your Words Mean Nothing To Me!

You Can Take It Just Don't Brake It Or My World Will Fall Apart!

You Cant Loose Something You Never Had!

You Changed My World With Just Smile, You Took My Heart With Just One Kiss!

You Don’t See Me, And You Don't Need Me, You Don't Love Me The Way I Wish You Could, The Way I Wish You Would…The Way I Know You Could!

You Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression!

You Don't Have To Talk About How Great You Are…Let Your Actions Do The Talking!

You Don't Love Someone Because They're Beautiful…They're Beautiful Because You Love Them!

You Fall In Love Once, You Fall In Love Twice…The Last Time You Learn That Boys Aren’t Nice!

You Go Girl…But Your Boyfriend Can Stay!

You Got No Reason To Be Jealous, I've Never Been Untrue…What's It Really Matter If They're Looking, Im Only Looking At You!

You Gotta Be Rich To Get This Bitch!

You Had Better Take Some Sleeping Pills Because The Only Place You'll Get Me Is In Your Dreams!

You Have Messed With The Wrong Pussycats!

You Just Lost The Chance You Never Had!

You Know I Understand You, I Have A Nack With Dogs Like You!

You Know I Wish You Wouldn't Lie To Me But Wishes Don't Come True!

You Know Im A Cutie…You Know You Like My Bootie!

You Know Im A Hottie, But You Know You Just Like My Body!

You Know My Heart Is Gonna Cry If You Leave Me Lonely Because Your Not Just My Love…You're My Hommie!

You Know You Like What You See…But You Still Can't Get With My Girl Like Me!

You Know Your In Love When The Hardest Thing To Say Is Goodbye!

You Laugh Because Im Different I Laugh Because Your All The Same!

You Look At Him From A Distance But If You Look Up Close You Will See Him From A Different View!

You Made Me Think You Loved Me, YoU Make Me Think It's True…But Now That We're Together Im Already Done With You!

You May Shoot Me With Your Words You May Cut Me With Your Eyes, You May Kill Me With You Hatefullness But Still, Like Air, I'll Rise!

You May Think It's Sexy, You May Think He's Fine, But Guess What Bitch He's Mine!

You Might Regret What You Do But You'll Regret What You Don't So So Much More!

You Need To Learn The Rules To Learn To Brake Them!

You Never Know What You Have Until You Loose It And Once You Loose It You Can Never Get It Back!

You Never Lose By Loving You Always Loose By Holding Back!

You Never Stop Loving Someone You Just Learn To Live Without Them!

You Say Im A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing!

You Say You Can't Stand To See Me Get Hurt So Do You Close Your Eyes When You Hurt Me?

You See, You Like, You Try, You Fail…Meanwhile…I See, I Like, I Want, I Get!

You Think He Thinks Your Cool, You Think He Thinks Your Hot Well From What He Tells Me He Does Not!

You Think You So Cool You Think Your All That Well Psshh Whats Up With That?

You Think Your Hot And You Know The Deal Well It's Me And You Who Be Keeping It Real!

You Thought You Had Him You Thought He Was Yours Ha Ha Ha That’s Funny Cause He Don’t Mess With Whores!

You Told Me Love Wasn’t A Game…So Why Did You Play me Fool?

You Told Me Not To Talk To You, So I Told Myself Not To Cry But Not Talking To You For Days Just Made Me Wanna Die!

You Took The L Outta Lover And Now Baby It's Over!

You Were My Favorite Mistake!

You Will Wonder Where He Is At Night You Will Wonder If He's True One Moment You Will Be Happy One Moment You Will Be Blue!

You’re my One Dream Forever I'll Hate You Never In My Heart Wherever I Pray I'll Be Loved By You Forever!

You'll Never See The Stars If You Are Always Looking Down!

Your As Deep As A Kiddie Pool!

Your As Fake As Press On Nails!

Your Cool Just Remind Us Bitches Rule!

Your Envy Creates My Energie…Ever Wonder Why Im So Hyper?

Your Hugs And Kisses Are Like Stars They Light Me Up And My Life Is Getting Dark!

Your Love For Me Came As A Waterfall Flowing Inside Me Like Never Before You Love Me For Something I Didn’t See But Baby I Know Better Now!

Your Only Bad If You Get Caught So That Makes Me Good Right?

Your Presence That Life Is Worth While, So When You Are Lonely!

Your So Fat You Ate Jenny Craig!

Your So Hot You Melt The Elastic In My Underwear!

Your So Ugly That Before Your Mom Goes To Kiss You Good Night She Puts A Paperbag Over Your Head!

Your Village Just Called, Their Missing Their Idiot!

You're The Worst Looking Chick Around But The Beauty Is Only A Switch Away!

You've Heard My Name, Seen My Face Aww Poor Ass Little Bitch You Could Never Take My Place!

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