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martes, 11 de septiembre de 2007

Emotion Quotes

Emotion Quotes and Proverbs

Doc Childre
Managing our emotions increases intuition and clarity. It helps us self-regulate our brain chemicals and internal hormones. It gives us natural highs, the real fountain of youth we've been searching for. It enables us to drink from elixirs locked within our cells, just waiting for us to discover them.

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution
The emotional frontier is truly the next frontier to conquer in human understanding. The opportunity we face now, even before that frontier is fully explored and settled, is to develop our emotional potential and accelerate rather dramatically into a new state of being.

Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer, From Chaos to Coherence
The emotional virus lives and thrives in the gap between expectations and perceived reality.

Doc Childre, Self Empowerment
I realize it's hard not to churn your problems and I'm not idealistically saying you shouldn't. Still, you can learn to manage your non-efficient thinking and emotions. Just learn to be as conscious of your *mental and emotional energy expenditures and returns* as you are conscious of your dollar expenditures and returns. Remember the mental and emotional budget sheet. If you *halfway* play with this concept, it can give you a new perspective on energy economy.

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution
Many people cave in to emotional drains, offering the popular excuse that "they just can't help it." It's time now that we learn both how and why to "help it" — or at least become open to the fact that *we can.*

Doc Childre, Freeze-Frame
As you learn to Freeze-Frame (R) highly-charged emotions, you also learn to communicate directly to people without the extra voltage that can cause them to be defensive, while frying your nerves and draining your energy bank.

Doc Childre
We have to become more conscious of our feeling-world. By learning to identify the "emotional baggage" and manage our feeling-world reactions, we can view life based on current information instead of being held captive by our past. However, since emotional processes can work faster than the mind, it takes a power stronger than the mind to bend perception, override emotional circuitry, and provide us with intuitive feeling instead. It takes the power of the heart.

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution
Managing your emotions is an inside job. That's why it's important to learn techniques to make attitude adjustments. You can then direct your emotions more efficiently. Happiness comes through emotions qualified by the heart.

Doc Childre, HeartMath Discovery Program
Time pressure starts to subside when we shift to the heart to find quality of mood and ease. It's our unmanaged emotions that turn time into an opponent and make life a rat race. Managing time with the heart is the ultimate time management tool.

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution
Whether we're aware of it or not, an emotional energy economy game is going on inside of us throughout life. Our inner experience over the course of each day includes thousands of thoughts, emotions, and impressions that directly impact our energy level.

Doc Childre
Emotions are the next frontier to be understood and conquered. To manage our emotions is not to drug them or suppress them, but to understand them so that we can intelligently direct our emotional energies and intentions...It's time for human beings to grow up emotionally, to mature into emotionally managed and responsible citizens. No magic pill will do it.

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution
When we learn to manage our emotions long enough to stop and shift our attention to the quieter message of the heart, we can gain a wider perspective on any situation, often saving ourselves from hurt, frustration and pain.

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution
Heartfelt positive feelings create far more than a healthy psychological effect. They fortify our internal energy systems and nourish the body right down to the cellular level. For that reason, we like to think of these emotions as "quantum nutrients.

Doc Childre, Cut-Thru
As you re-train your emotional and mental reactions and increase your coherence, you will re-create your life. You will reach a place where you no longer have to keep "working things out," but realize they are worked out!

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution
Our mental and emotional diets determine our overall energy levels, health, and well-being to a far greater extent than most people realize. Every thought and feeling, no matter how big or small, impacts our inner energy reserves.

Doc Childre
A new psychology needs to facilitate people in understanding that emotions, whether love and appreciation, or anger and anxiety, *are all energies that have to be accounted for in the human system.* Accounted for means they come under the laws of physics and the law of cause and effect. Each of us personally is accountable for the effects of our emotions and attitudes. Negative emotional energies stack up in the human system, then translate into mental, emotional and physical ailments if not brought into balance.

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution
By using your heart as your compass, you can see more clearly which direction to go to stop self-defeating behavior. If you take just one mental or emotional habit that really bothers or drains you and apply heart intelligence to it, you'll see a noticeable difference in your life.

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution
When emotions are managed by the heart, they heighten your awareness of the world around you and add sparkle to life. The result is new intelligence and a new view of life. Just be sincere in your efforts and appreciate the progress you make, not expecting to be free from unpleasant emotions all at once. Each success builds more power and excitement. It gets easier as you go. When long-standing emotional issues lose some of their intensity and importance, things won't bother you as much.

Research Overview; The Institute of HeartMath
With stress levels continuing to rise all over the world, people are becoming more conscious not only of the long-term effects of stress, but also of how unmanaged emotions compromise the quality of one's day-to-day life, limiting mental clarity, productivity, adaptability to life's challenges and enjoyment of its gifts. At the same time, most of us have experienced how positive emotional states, such as appreciation and care, add a quality of buoyancy and coherent flow to our lives, significantly enhancing our efficiency and effectiveness.

Tiger Woods, MSNBC Interview, June 17, 2001
... I think the guys who are really controlling their emotions... are going to win; the guy who is controlling his emotions is going to win!

Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul
Following your feelings will lead you to their source. Only through emotions can you encounter the force field of your own soul.

Arnold Bennett (1867-1931)
There can be no knowledge without emotion. We may be aware of a truth, yet until we have felt its force, it is not ours. To the cognition of the brain must be added the experience of the soul.

Jen, 16
Emotions surround us, and sometimes we let them get in our way. If we can learn how to control them and share them with someone who we care about than we have learned how to exept ourselves in new ways.

Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence, (c) 1995, Bantam
Being able to enter flow is emotional intelligence at its best; flow represents perhaps the ultimate in harnessing the emotions in the service of performance and learning. In flow the emotions are not just contained and channeled, but positive, energized, and aligned with the task at hand.

John Gottman, Ph.D. Author, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, p.20
In the last decade or so, science has discovered a tremendous amount about the role emotions play in our lives. Researchers have found that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and abilities to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships.

Barbara Hoberman Levine, Your Body Believes Every Word You Say, (Aslan Publishing)
Learning to love and accept ourselves is basic to human education. So is learning to language emotion in a positive way. Ultimately when we learn to truly love and accept ourselves, we'll be able to live well and love each other and every thing we encounter.

More emotion quotes coming soon. If you have a quote about emotions that you like to be posted on this page use the form below to submit a quote, proverb or saying.

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