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martes, 11 de septiembre de 2007

Science Quotes

Science Quotes and Proverbs

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, HeartMath Solution
To summarize, here's a psychological equation that clarifies the essence of the HeartMath Solution: Activating heart intelligence + managing the mind + managing the emotions = energy efficiency, increased coherence, enhanced awareness, and greater productivity.

Albert Einstein
I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.

Doc Childre, Freeze-Frame
It's being proven in the lab that the positive hormones you create within your own system with positive feelings do more for your regeneration than you might know.

Doc Childre, Self-Empowerment
Learning how to access a continuity of common sense can be one of your most efficient accomplishments in this decade. Can you imagine "common sense" surpassing science and technology in the quest to unravel the human stress mess? In time, society will have a new measure for confirming truth. It's inside the people—not at the mercy of current scientific methodology. Let scientists facilitate discovery, but not invent your inner truth.

C.G. Jung
Science is the tool of the Western mind and with it more doors can be opened than with bare hands. It is part and parcel of our knowledge and obscures our insight only when it holds that the understanding given by it is the only kind there is. .

Carl Sagan
Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.

Galileo Galilei
It has always seemed to me extreme presumptuousness on the part of those who want to make human ability the measure of what nature can and knows how to do, since, when one comes down to it, there is not one effect in nature, no matter how small, that even the most speculative minds can fully understand.

Paul Dirac
In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

The atom, being for all practical purposes the stable unit of the physical plane, is a constantly changing vortex of reactions.

Ariel and Will Durant
It is good a philosopher should remind himself, now and then, that he is a particle pontificating on infinity.

Isaac Asimov
The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' (I've found it!), but 'That's funny...'

'Doc' Edgerton
That's the nature of research—you don't know what in hell you're doing.

Patrick Blackett
May every young scientist remember... and not fail to keep his eyes open for the possibility that an irritating failure of his apparatus to give consistent results may once or twice in a lifetime conceal an important discovery.

E. Rutherford
All science is either physics or stamp collecting.

Isaac Asimov
When the lay public rallies round to an idea that is denounced by distinguished by elderly scientists and supports the idea with great fervour and emotion, the distinguished but elderly scientests are then, after all, right.

James P. Hogan
Scientists are the easiest to fool. They think in straight, predictable, directable, and therefore misdirectable, lines. The only world they know is the one where everything has a logical explanation and things are what they appear to be. Children and conjurors — they terrify me. Scientists are no problem; against them I feel quite confident.

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