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martes, 11 de septiembre de 2007

Time Quotes

Time Quotes and Proverbs

Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution
You're writing the story of your life one moment at a time.

Sara Paddison, The Hidden Power of the Heart
Each moment is a doorway to time travel. Being in this very moment and no other, time as we know it stops. You can Freeze-Frame and stop. Then you can make another choice. You can stay in the same holographic pattern or you can choose a different one.

Doc Childre and Sara Paddison, HeartMath Discovery Program
Are there times when you were having fun or sincerely helping someone or deeply appreciating an experience? Recall those times. How do they make you feel mentally, emotionally and physically? Do they add quality to your day?

Sara Paddison, The Hidden Power of the Heart
Realize that now, in this moment of time, you are creating. You are creating your next moment. That is what's real.

Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer, From Chaos to Coherence
The pressures on people today demand learning how to time shift. When faced with obviously conflicting priorities that "cannot possibly be accomplished in the time frame," what alternative is there other than mind-numbing stress? The first thing is to assume there is a solution that can be achieved once you get internally coherent enough to perceive it. Internal coherence is the priority and can lead to surprising time-saving convenience.

Doc Childre, HeartMath Discovery Program
Time pressure starts to subside when we shift to the heart to find quality of mood and ease. It's our unmanaged emotions that turn time into an opponent and make life a rat race. Managing time with the heart is the ultimate time management tool.

Doc Childre, Freeze-Frame
When you make an efficient choice in moments of indecision, you establish more effectiveness within a given time span, saving energy and stress. That's a time shift.

Doc Childre - Women Lead With Their Hearts (a White Paper)
The new paradigm is a joint venture between head and heart intelligence, which generates a continuity of intuitive creative intelligence. Intuition cuts time and effort. As you gain intuitive intelligence, you become more energy and time effective.

Bruce Cockburn, "A Dream Like Mine"
When you know even for a moment
That it's your time
Then you can walk with the power
Of a thousand generations

David Norris
How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever. .

Horace Mann
Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they are gone forever.

Jean Paul
The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the cleare we should see through it.

J. Franklin
Time is the glue that bonds a broken heart, but love is the air which dries the glue.

Jim Bishop
It is difficult to live in the present, ridiculous to live in the future, and impossible to live in the past. Nothing is as far away as one minute ago.

Today is a smooth white seashell, hold it close and listen to the beauty of the hours.

People always make time to do the things they really want to do.

Mignon McLaughlin
Most of us become parents long before we have stopped being children.

From "Cheers
Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.

Georgia O'Keeffe
Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven't time, and to see takes time - like to have a friend takes time.

M. Scott Peck
Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.

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